Equalization of Net Family Property

The idea is for each party to walk away from the marriage with ½ the net benefit gained during the marriage. No spouse gets 1/2 of the other spouse’s property. Consideration is given to the value of your assets less your debts/liabilities on the day you separated (known as the Valuation Date). The same is […]

About Martin D. Kenny

After being called to the Bar in 2007, Martin worked in Ottawa as an associate for both Sean Jones and Richard Bowles from 2009 to 2015. He transitioned to his own practice in 2016 and currently works in association with Richard Bowles and Sarah Kennedy. Martin has worked primarily in the area of Family Law; […]


“My partner & I recently consulted with Martin around a family law matter. Up to that point, we had very poor experiences with other lawyers. A colleague recommended Martin, we were immediately blown away by his knowledge, compassion, responsiveness, & willingness to truly want to help us. It is the first time a lawyer took […]

Spousal Support

With respect to spousal support, what happens where both parties have worked through the marriage or one gave up their career to stay home an raise the children; how does the length of the marriage affect these scenarios; what happens when a party suffers from poor health and can’t become self-sufficient; how does child caregiving […]

Child Support

It is the right of the child. The determining factor is the non-residential parent’s gross annual income.  The amount is determined using the Federal Child Support Guidelines.  But, what do you do when the payor is intentionally unemployed or underemployed or is hiding income by working under the table. And, what about adult children who […]

Custody and Access

The discussion of custody centers around the ability to make major decision regarding the children.  Where they will go to school, what counselor they will see, who their physicians and specialists will be, what medical treatment should be followed etc… The discussion of access centres around parenting time and maximum contact to the non-custodial or […]

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Consultations and meetings with Martin Kenny will generally involve, Plain language explanations of what the law is and why. Exposing the grey areas with respect to child support, spousal support and net family property calculations. Assessing evidence offered in support of a particular position or issue. Drafting materials in an effective manner. Showing how to […]

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Family Law Wills and Estates *Note:* Unbundled/Limited Scope Retainers available.