Custody and Access

  • The discussion of custody centers around the ability to make major decision regarding the children.  Where they will go to school, what counselor they will see, who their physicians and specialists will be, what medical treatment should be followed etc…
  • The discussion of access centres around parenting time and maximum contact to the non-custodial or non-residential parent.  Whether there should be Regular and Scheduled Access, whether the schedule should be limited, supervised, frequent and short visits, every 2nd weekend or something more significant Week On/Week Off, a 2 week cycle of 2,2,5 or 2,2,3.
  •  The standard to be met in determining these issues is What is in the “Best Interest of the Children” from the children’s perspective.  Determination are made based on a broad set of factors.
  • Consideration should be given to the need for a Family Assessment, Office of the Children’s Lawyer Investigation and a Voice of the Child Report.