Spousal Support

  • With respect to spousal support, what happens where both parties have worked through the marriage or one gave up their career to stay home an raise the children; how does the length of the marriage affect these scenarios; what happens when a party suffers from poor health and can’t become self-sufficient; how does child caregiving play into the issue.
  • Consideration should be given to the main 3 factors (Role in Relationship, Length of Cohabitation Period/Marriage and Existence of Marriage Contract) as well as 4 main objectives (Economic Advantages and Disadvantages during and following Marriage/Common Law Relationship, Custodial Parenting Time, Economic Hardship and Self-Sufficiency). How will all of these likely be balanced in your case?
  • Spousal Support is determined on a case by case basis with the help of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. How much of the net disposable income should the recipient receive and how much should the payor have?